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Originally Posted by Bob Lemoche View Post
Maybe you should do the same.

PK IMO is already a more dominant player than Markov and I don't care one bit about flashiness... in fact, it's his well-rounded play that I like the most.

We all know defensemen usually take longer to develop but let's look at PK's progression starting from the AHL:

- Was integrated "slowly" in his first AHL season... about halfway through the season, he became the no 1 defenseman.

- Finished his first and only AHL season with 18 goals, 53 points and a +46 ratings despite more limited responsibilities at the start of the season.

- Gets called up at the end of that season play the final 2 games (2 assists) and the playoffs in which he played a HUGE part getting 8 points in 14 games playing top 2 minutes and often playing against the top line (the guy had 2 NHL games before those playoffs FFS !)

- Gets 14 goals and 38 points in his rookie season. Is already given top line shutdown pairing duties. Gets 4 points in 7 games in the POs and scores the tying goal to get us in the 7th game OT against the Bruins.

- Gets 36 points in his second season on a last place team. Gets shutdown role more than ever and manages to finish at +9 on an horrible year for the Habs. Often plays up to 30 minutes a game and is heavily relied on in every important situation. Him, Gorges and the first line were the only bright spot of that season.

And you guys say we overrate him because he's flashy ?? Are you kidding me ?

As long as there's people like you around, he's far from overrated. I mean what the hell are you watching ?
What a joke!

Ok it's not his flashiness that gets you. So, you like his positioning and decision making in his own zone? You like his ability to make a crisp breakout pass under pressure to beat the forecheck instead of having to always chip it out? Or is it how high he can flip it on his backhand up the middle(turnover) to clear the zone? On offense I'm sure you love his slapshot, but what about his knack for staring down his receivers? how about him standing still with the puck so as to never open up passing lanes?

I could go on and on. These are things that he will/should get better at but if you want to be called a #1 dman then these are generally not issues that are brought up against you. But I bet you think our coaching staff and deep management team are racists or idiots for not paying him and playing him like our best defenseman. Right?

PKs been solid so far considering he had no training camp and I like what the coaching staff is doing with him, but he has not been even close to our best defender this year. I like that he's playing a little calmer and trying to make the right plays instead of the arcade ones, but that 3-1 goal last night, holy crap was that terrible. I understand having a brain cramp or getting beat due to your limitations, but that may have been one of the ugliest series of defensive plays he has ever made. And he's made some ugly ones.

If you can't see why Markov is our best defender in most every facet then that's on you. He's a dominant offensive dman who gets the puck up the ice in a hurry and he possesses one of the better sticks in the league for all things defense (poke checking, holding the zone, pass breakups, etc.). Diaz has been a revelation this year as well. I really love the way he plays.

I'm not saying that PKs development has stalled, just that he is not anywhere near as good as some of you guys think he is. Not yet at least.

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American history X and Mississippi Burning?
I'm a black man, genius.

Edit: Hey, I won't lie, when PK first turned pro and had that awesome season in Hamilton and great playoffs with us, I was on the frontlines comparing him to the other greats/future greats. But, as I've gotten to see him play more often, I had to accept the fact that he simply is not in the upper echelon of defensemen in this league and I doubt he ever will be. That doesn't mean that he sucks, he can still be a very, very good player, but he has some serious work to do to catch up with top dogs. The sooner some of you guys realize that, the better it will be for discussion on this board

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