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02-13-2013, 12:35 PM
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There is nothing resembling a rush and when there is our passing in tight quarters is awful and results in a turnover. This team is not able to penetrate a defense in any way shape form or fashion with exception of a couple of players, the power suffers because of this and is why we see weak wrist shots from the point over and over or Parise having to try to muscle a puck in.

Heatley is the proverbial elephant in the corner that no one in Wild management wants to discuss. It is a huge problem for this team because what the hell do you do if you are in their shoes? Scratch a 7.5 million a year forward who is more then likely to lose his mind over such a thing?
Can't trade him because no one else in the league wants a 7.5 mil a year cap hit player whose skills haven't just declined but have flat out disappeared and quite honestly i don't think they are coming back. I liked what Yeo did last night putting him back on the top line because i think that is the only place he can possibly exist and the team can possibly get garbage goals out of him in front of the net but that is really a big issue when a player causing so many head aches on the ice has to for all intents and purposes play on the top line.
Trade Heatley for a popcorn vendor if you can but i just don't think there is going to be a taker out there for him.

On a positive note (i like to end on positive notes unlike the Wild this year) I like what i am seeing out of Granlund and Setoguchi. There seems to be something happening between those two and they are really beginning to gel it seems as line mates. I like Coyle back with them because that is a line combo that reeks of potential imo. I have been very negative on Seto going back to last year but this past week/week and a half he has absolutely showed some of the dynamics that had people buzzing about the player he should be. Do not trade this guy! He has woken up and may actually be living up to that potential tag that has been laid around his neck for the previous seasons.

I would love to see Zucker up here but where do you put him? (Back to the elephant in the corner named Dany Heatley)!

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