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Originally Posted by TAnnala View Post
This post is using two different methods that push Selanne out from top-5 forwards. PPG and reputation as a top-forward.
The question was "top 5 forwards" not "top 5 seasons by forwards", which is notably different.

Selanne was named to the first-team ahead of Jagr in 1997 because of how many games Jagr missed. Kariya was Selanne's linemate and outpaced him, and was generally considered the better player. Which I think is accurate; 94-95 through 99-00 inclusive, Kariya was the better player. Selanne had some very good years outside of that stretch though, so he's better all-time. But I think it's Selanne peak, Kariya prime, Selanne career. Without injury, I think Kariya takes career as well.

Good points, i would personally give Selanne two solid places in top-5 in those 5 years. In 96/97 and 98/99 seasons. He finished 2nd in points in both years was 1st and 2nd in goals and was 1st and 2nd team all-star. He was also 5th and 2nd in PPG. So, using the normal metrics he should be a very strong candidate for top-5 in both years. I would actually say that he has a good case for 2nd best in one year.
In 96-97 I have Selanne ranked 8th, and I already spoke of why he's not top five. I think I already mentioned I placed him in the top five in 97-98 and 98-99.

He is probably somewhere around 5th in 97/98. He led the league in goals and had best GPG excluding Kariya who played 22 games. He was also 3rd in PPG excluding Kariya again.
Fifth is where I have him ranked.

Now, for the year you took upon. 95/96. He probably was around 10th in terms of forwards. Not going to argue there.
I place him 11/12, depending on whether you put him ahead of or behind Mogilny. I'm leaning towards 12th, but it's pretty close.

99/00 he was also probably closer to 10th than he was 5th. But somewhere around there.
I put him 8th.

For three years from 96-99 he was first in GPG first in goals scored and second in PPG second in points. Now tell me how is that not a top-5 forward in three years.
I'd rank him fifth for the overall period of 96-97 through 98-99, if that's what you're including. 8th, 4th, and 5th for individual seasons in that order. Drops back down to 8th in 99-00.

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