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02-13-2013, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by King Henrik 30 View Post
Are you a Chemistry major? If so, I think that is a wise decision from what you posted. Now a days, a Bachelors doesn't mean much because nearly EVERYONE has one. It's essentially the equivalent to receiving a high school diploma a generation ago. A master's or some sort of post-collegiate degree is really what separates one from the pack (credentials, past experience and who you know aside).

Since this is the case, it really would be wise to do something you're interested in and excel at. I'm a second year Chemistry major and the difference between an upper level course like Organic and Gen Chem is like night and day, in terms of difficulty. If you don't enjoy and succeed at the subject, it's only going to get much worse.
I'm not a chem major, but I'm in a BS for psych, but the fact that I need to do rigorous amounts of chemistry and high calc (I have no clue as to why.) makes it hard for me to focus and to succeed because I'm always stressed out, and not succeeding to the highest ceiling I've got (other than in my writing classes...)
I get told from a lot of profs that I'd do real well in the writing areas, and similar areas to writing.

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