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02-13-2013, 12:44 PM
McIce Whole
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Alright guys, enough with the shots at raptactics. I don't see what he's doing wrong, he's doing a fine job of being the commish, I agree that there are some changes many gms don't want but these are just SUGGESTIONS. Should've read the rules when you were signing up. This is still JMs league as well, he just has more help.

Also, raptactics take this as advice, you do come across..a bit to controlling I guess? I can't think of the word but if people disagree with you, you have to respect their opinion and even if you say you do, your posts and the tone of it doesn't seem like it. As the commish you need to tone it down a bit. Other than that, I think your doing a good job and thanks!

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