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02-13-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by ult View Post

Season tickets

Projected revenue.

And last but not least - average attendance.

So who's making things up?

P.S: Average salary in Khabarovsk - 38500 rubles. Average salary in Riga is about 27000 rubles or 470 LVL. So who's Namibia?
I have no idea what those tables mean. Please, provide your sources. Without sources those are a bunch of random, meaningless figures. And no images of Russian text, you can't auto-translate that.

My source for the ticket prices was the club's official site and - an online site, where people buy their tickets for Riga games. I tend to believe the official figures more than a bunch of images posted by you.

Average GDP per capita in Khabarovsk: 261k RUR or 8680 USD per capita. Comparable to countries like Thailand, Albania, Jamaica. Source:

I'm not sure where did you get the data about Riga or, more importantly, what on Earth does this even have to do with Riga. But just to clear things up, the GDP (PPP) per capita in the Riga region is $28 086, and you should multiply that with 5%+ to get the data for 2012. That's comparable to the national average of New Zealand or Italy. Source:;

Dinamo Riga is highly unprofitable and should be disbanded. More than 80% of the budget of the team comes from ITERA (basically a sister company of Gazprom) donations. That's by how much the team's budget should be reduced for the team to break even in a normal free market situation.

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