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02-13-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by smithformeragent View Post
I'm really starting to hate Ortiz. Valentine sucked, but he's an easy cop out for an underperforming club. Maybe if they hadn't choked in 2011 and hadn't gotten Tito fired, they could have kept their binky.

Go take some more "tainted vitamins" and complain about the official scorer.
Valentine was a joke. Just because the club fired Tito didn't mean they needed to hire a joke. An unqualified, glory-hound joke of a manager. I completely expected, and am happy to see, that the players were insulted by that. I realize a few players abused their situation the year prior, but the professional response isn't to make a spite hire who can't handle the job.

Moreover, when Bobby V. questioned Ortiz' willingness to come back from injury, he asked for it. I'm happy for Ortiz. I wish he was even more critical. Valentine was a sham. Frankly I think the ownership got off easy. The players could have made it even uglier.

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