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i don't understand why you hate him based on that.

"A lot of players had a lot of issues with our manager last year,'' said Ortiz, responding to a question about whether the club, which finished 69-93 last season, needed to improve its character. "We have a new manager this year, a guy who is familiar with the organization, a guy we pretty much grew up around him. That's John [Farrell].

"A team is like a human body. If the head is right, the body is going to function right, but if the head is messed up, then the body is going to be all over the place. It seems like that was part of our situation last year. Guys weren't comfortable with the manager we had. Guys were struggling. Even in situations as a player you need to handle better, sometimes you get confused and get caught in a situation where you don't know how you're going to react with them.

"I think the first move our organization did was go out there and try to fix that. I'm pretty sure everybody is looking at that as a positive move, and now it's like a fresh start. I'm pretty sure a lot of guys are comfortable … we're going back to the basics with a manager like John.''
it's really no secret that valentine was a huge issue with the players last year. it's not like he had a reputation of being much of a player's manager when he came to town. pretty much everything that happened might as well have been written before the season even started. he's not a good tactical manager, he's not a good talent manager, he's a ****ing blowhard who is more interested in getting his name in the paper than managing the team.

and keep in mind that ortiz has been pretty professional after bobby threw him under the bus on his way out of town...and then called ortiz to tell him the quote was taken out of context. valentine is a horse's ass.

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