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12-17-2003, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by LiquidClown
Johnson is still playing in the NHL and probably didn't lose too much sleep over a fight. That's not a payback. Payback would have been to intentionally fire a puck at his face, punch him in the back of the head, or put him out of the lineup for at least a few games.

Payback is what Hatcher did to Roenick a few years back when he shattered his jaw. Messages need to be sent. A fight doesn't qualify in my book. An eye for an eye, a career ending injury for a career ending injury.
I don't believe in head hunting and I don't believe that anyone should play to hurt someone intentionally. I know it's naive--especially in the world that we live in today--but I really don't think justice is achieved by trying to cheap-shot the player back. Where does it end? When someone's lying on the ice with their neck broken?

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