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02-13-2013, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by goyotes View Post
CF - I think there is enough blame to go around
$50M...and not even a kiss. (I'm sensing a new thread title there).
I agree with pretty much everything you posted here. I'm not really trying to assess blame. I'm just augmenting some of the off the rails narrative by injecting a few documents that offer what would seem to be indisputable proof of what actually occurred.

On price, couldn't it be said that the NHL cultivating and delivering the Glendale Subsidy to potential owners was a defacto lowering of the price? The NHL certainly appears to want to recover the premium they paid but it looks to me that they shifted that burden to Glendale, not a potential owner.

I also think some additional review of professional sports operations would change your perspective on leagues taking advantage of the cities and, by proxy, their citizens. I understand wanting to believe that is beyond what a sports league does to its markets; but extorting public entities sure seems like the very core of the sports business model.

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