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02-13-2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
Who knows what choice he would have made if all 30 teams offered him a job but I remember him mentioning a quote by Gretzky that gave him inspiration to take the job or maybe it came shortly after. It was something along the lines of "if you can win in LA, there is nothing like it". I think DL saw it as a challenge and a great opportunity given ownership bought his sales pitch hook, line and sinker.
Well, it is not like he was disappointed or unhappy with the appointment. Like always, Dean began calling everyone and getting their opinions on the situation and called Gretzky. He's always been really good at researching experiences.

I am mostly refuting the notion that GM's pass on teams until they get one they like or their favorite opportunity comes a long. You take what you can get, there are only 30 jobs, and it may be years before another opportunity becomes available. If you luck out and get the perfect assignment, great, but in all likeliness, you will be joining a random, struggling, organization.

Yzerman lucked out a little in getting Tampa, given their potential, but I doubt very many people would have associated him with Tampa a year prior, nor even he himself if you had asked him, candidly, what his ideal job would be after retirement. In public, I am sure he'd say that he would like to manage an organization, and that no matter what, they are all good ones, or that he is 'highly selective or looking for a great opportunity', but in actuality he is just waiting around for the next available gig and then will say how lucky he is to join such an organization and other such PR.

Bottom line, you take what you can get.


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