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02-13-2013, 01:28 PM
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We're at the one-quarter mark of the season. This is a very normal time for GMs to start making assessments and adjustments. (I want to say it was Brian Burke who held to that rule like it was religious dogma.)

I was sort of at the "sky is falling" point like four games in, though, because these games don't exist in a vacuum. They're part of a big pattern that stretches back well before the beginning of the season. The problem is that our roster has completely turned over and dramatically improved...and yet we're struggling in exactly the same ways we were last March when we had stretches with five Houston Aeros on the ice. Players are hustling and working their butts off but not generating any chances from it. Tiring themselves out so that other teams can score effortlessly by pouncing off a quick defensive lapse. Creative players who can manufacture chances are taking junk shots, while less-creative players who are being fed golden opportunities are making an extra pass instead of putting it on net. Looking at how little has changed despite signing another team's captain who's one of the hardest working purest scoring forwards in the game, adding three first round pick rookies, and an all-star defenseman who can play half a game...starting to think it's gotta be a system issue.

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