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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
Weber could really be serviceable to a team such as Detroit, who lost depth and has injuries on their blue line. That being said, the Habs, a team already counting on players such as Kaberle, Markov, Diaz, Subban... Weber has close to no value for us and offers absolutely no diversity.

Are there a lot of players like Kassian on the waivers in a year? No. Simply because there are not that many heavyweights available out there.

The fact that Weber can have some value on another team and might be appreciated elsewhere has no importance and doesn't change the fact that Weber, on this Montreal team, is just more of the same. And with the future on the blueline, it's obvious Weber is going to get dealt at some point. And looking back at his only "performance" this year (if you want to call it like that), and the fact he just doesn't play, there comes a time where you have to take a decision and do what's best for your team.

You can always say "Well we can wait..." The fact is, this season is only 48 games long, and the other 11 games against divisional opponents will likely determine whether or not we're making the playoffs. And with our current blend of players and our current approach, we're 2-5 against them.

Weber is nothing like defensive depth. He's redundant, and offers nothing more than what we have. You wanna add a guy that is big and can clear the crease? Absolutely. That's what I call depth, because the guy gives your team different elements. Weber? Sincerly, the way he's playing, I'm not even sure he'd break the top-4 in Hamilton right now.
I am with you on this. Weber or Kaberle should be traded. Even if you only get a 5th rounder which Timmins seems to be good at getting talent you make the trade to free up a spot. Too many of the same type of D that are physically weak. Diaz is better than Weber and we don't need two of the same style of players on the ice. Going forward Markov should be our weakest Dman besides Diaz of course. We have young D prospects that all seem to have physical sides to them if needed. Tinordi, Beaulieu, Deitz, Thrower can all throw good body checks and defend themselves as well.

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