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Originally Posted by BubbaBoot View Post
I'm passing on a couple or three gunners and a defenseman I really like to select the great 2-way, 4 time Stanley Cup winner and Hall of Fame LW/CTR Bob Pulford.

Bob Pulford is a very good pick - one of the true elite third liners of the draft. Probably not as good defensively as Gainey or Carboneau, but better offensively.

Check out this two-page article on Bob Pulford from the Jan 15, 1966 Ottawa Sun that is loaded with quotes from peers and opposing coaches praising him and his ability to "wreck havoc" on the other team. After reading that article, I understand why the veterans committee inducted him into the Hall of Fame in 1991.

Here's another article from The April 14, 1964 Montreal Gazette about the playoff series between the Wings and Maple Leafs. It mentions that the Wings have the best PP in the league, but the Leafs have the best PK, and their best PKer is Bob Pulford. It also mentions how Pulford won Game 1 in OT by beating Gordie Howe to a puck and staying a stride ahead of him.

Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
Third lines are beginning to be built! There are elite Bottom-6 role players in this draft, though at least one team has decided to have Henrik Sedin as its third line center.

That's it Henrik, take a seat. You haven't the ability to handle the rough stuff. You are top-6 forward or bench, or maybe if a team has two backchecking centers on the 2nd/3rd lines you could see some minutes on the back line of an all-time great squad.
As others have said, it's not certain yet how Mark plans on having his team turn out, but I think it would be foolish to draft Ted Kennedy and not given him a defensive role of some kind.

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Hawkey Town listpicks Jack Crawford, D
Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
I agree that Crawford's record needs to be looked at in the context of era, and appreciate your attempt at converting his record to modern terms. One thing I would like to bring up is that Crawford's 1941-42 season should really be considered higher...

In the voting for Left D AS: Crawford receives 4 votes for 1st team and 3 for Alternate. The undrafted player who was awarded the 2nd AS Team spot received 2 votes for 1st team and 6 for Alternate. In a voting system that gives more weight to 1st team votes (like the modern system) Crawford would have beaten out the undrafted and been awarded the 2nd Team spot. Furthermore, this is backed up by a player's poll from the same year in which Crawford was voted 2nd Team AS.

EDIT: Crawford also appears to have gotten more votes than the 2nd Team Right D winner, so that year could be considered a 3rd place finish for him (before the era adjustment).
I thought you were probably trading up to get Crawford, since he was the best defensive D on my board and we tend to think alike. IMO, he's the best pre-1950 defenseman not in the Hall of Fame and definitely capable of being a #3 in this.

Sturm, I agree that Crawford came by his record in a weak era (for defensemen and overall) - and that's probably why nobody clamored for him to get into the Hall.

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