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Originally Posted by tigermask48 View Post
But those 6 are also;
Constantin Braun - Meh. Late round pick, no big loss.
Slava Voinov - Great pick in the 2nd round and an NHL player
Andrei Loktionov - Another great pick in a later round and on the cusp of being an NHL player.
Maixim Kitsyn - decent late round pick stuck in a crummy situation in the KHL.
Michael Schumacher - pretty great value so far for a 7th round pick.
Nikolai Prokhorkin - solid 2nd round pick that was able to hang in the AHL as an 19 year old.

There was also Moller, and Hyka who are European but drafted from the CHL, so they don't really count in this discussion.

I don't get the Kings not having a thorough scouting profile from Europe. Every one of those players besides Braun has expressed interest in coming overseas and playing in N.A.. Would you rather the Kings draft highly skilled European players and then have them stay overseas and never have an interest in playing in the NHL? I think the Kings have done a great job of identifying European players that are willing to dedicate themselves to making the team that drafts them and helping it win hockey games and that's huge when it comes to drafting from overseas.
The other factor about Braun is that while he was drafted with DL as the GM, DL had just taken over from Taylor and the 2006 draft was done by Taylor's scouting staff, which was replaced by DL's crew (Futa, etc.) afterwards.

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