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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
they were out of touch- I love the Bruins obviously and my folks had season tickets back in the early 50's....but we have Patriots seats, and I love the Red Sox as well.

I'm a complete sports fan who follows all these teams, goes to a lot of games, and KNEW the Bruins were the sleeping Giant. People loved the Bruins and hockey just not Jacobs and the way they were being run. Once that changed the fans came back new ones showed up and WEEI had thousands of fans who had every reason with the Sports HUB around to avoid their product.

I think Ordway is talented and a great interviewer but he was pretty arogant during the good days and now he's singing a differnent tune- to be honest Ordway got what he deserved to me.
Yeah, I'm 26 now and ended up playing a couple years of pro baseball after college but my entire life has been hockey, I was just better at baseball. I root for the other sports teams but don't live and die with them, and to be perfectly honest my entire youth was spent in hockey rinks, in parking lots playing street hockey, etc. Hockey is "it" in this area, the only difference being the Bruins weren't because of Jacobs for a long time. For the local media and radio shows to not realize how strong the passion for hockey is in this town is just really poor foresight.

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