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02-13-2013, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Huddy View Post
Dude, what is with you. Why are you dogging Brunner just bc hes 27? Are you mad hes not 18?

How many 27 year olds with his skill get looked at by NHL teams?

Players debuting after A26:

1. Matt Anderson just debuted for NJD at age 30
2. Brian Rafalski I believed came in at age 26
3. Literally every soviet union guy, Igor L, Sergei F.

Your logic, or whatever you are trying to say is garbage. Who cares what age a rookie comes into the league at. Brunner was found by Detroit after re-shaping his career. Who are you to dis-credit him for finding his game at a mature age?

Here are some stats for you regarding NHL Rookies and their age...No one is going to argue that majority of NHL rookies debut between ages 18-22, but as you can see, there are plethora of players who have came into this league as rookies, well past Age 22

the average NHL age is 22.5, Brunner happens to be 4 years older than the average age. Whopppie

Since 1917-2013, here are the exact number of players who have DEBUTED in the NHL as rookies, with respective ages

Age 25: 477 players
Age 26: 307 players
Age 27: 208 players
Age 28: 134 players
Age 29: 65 players
Age 30: 50 players

stop hating
Maybe you should re-read that conversation again before attacking me. I started with defending Brunner as it is uncommon for players to be great when they are older

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