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02-13-2013, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
right, because the alternative we ended up with, Mr. "No goals in a calendar year despite top-wingers/pp time/offensive opportunities" was a much better alternative?

keeping Grabovski instead of waisting a 2nd to get Lang should have been a no-brainer and would have been for a management team with a viable plan to build a winner. Instead we gave up a promising, cheap, top-6 C for a pick we then used on an expensive, old, top-9 C, before making a complete team overhaul 8 months later.

i mean come on, we endure Scott freaking Gomez, who was so bad our team was willing to pay him to stay home!

and you're trying to argue that Grabovski "isn't worth much"... get a clue!
Wow you have some genius 20/20 hindsight analsysis. You sit here and cry about things that went wrong years later but you still ignore the main point that Grabovski is not worth very much. Your main endorsement of him seems to be "cheap".

All he's done is put up 50 points given a lot of icetime on a freewheeling offensive team. The Leafs would not get a 1st for him if they tried to trade him now so how is the Habs getting a 2nd for him 4 years ago a terrible trade?

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