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02-13-2013, 02:23 PM
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Thinking "defense prevails" is wild main problem

Looking at the goals against statistic instead off looking at the goals made statistic is yeo's main deficiency and somehow it feels it's only become worse it's become a obsession.It's a obsession that about to spoil the whole season especially in a shortened season were there is not a lot off time for training offensive skills

Even in an loss interview yeo says we limited the opposite teams goal scoring chances wtf? ,
He lost the point WILD LOST the game, wild limited their own goal scoring by trying to grind out a 1 goal win and it backfired

If you have SEVERAL almost AHL caliber defenders is the "holy grail" idea to try to score 2 goals a night ,spend as much time as possible in your own end and grind out the win?

It's insanity to think that if a wild player once in a game has one chance to score they will score, every goal needs multiple goal scoring opportunities before the one that actually succeeds

the way yeo is structuring wild is to attack from yeo defense cave fall back to defend deep again and again

Yeo system is backfiring 100%, instead off securing a lead it's causing wild not to score and thereby making wild the one that has to score

The more you watch the games the less at fault are the players ,the commitment is starting to be there but the system is too "chicken"

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