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02-13-2013, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by RW8 View Post
Well I'm going to start slowly looking for players to add to the lineup. But because its been so long I forget good AI levels for an age. I'm going to be picky since its not an immediate need. So ill only buy players with good q, max-1, +loyalty.

Would someone do me a favor and post some good ai's? Like 18 year old should be x AI by the end of his season etc. Looking for top end players.
Well, for some perspective, starters on the USA U20 team generally have to hit a minimum of 125 by the end of their 18 YO season. Studs will hit well over 140.

Depends on the player and what you need though. A +3 maxP player can have less AI and still be a legit I.1 starter. Actually, if I had a + loyalty maxP player, I'd be ok as long as he hit over 110 AI at 18. That would definitely put him over 300 AI if he had good Q and was getting at least 20 mins a game.

But, again, depends on what you need. If you're trying to win WL, that's a different story.

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