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02-13-2013, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
if the pp continues to sukarse, and it will cost us bigtime if it does, then its all on torts and sully. last year was last year. its over. done. if we miss the playoffs this year or are dispatched early, then its a failure. plain and simple. getting to the playoffs every year isnt the end goal. winning the cup is.

calling for their heads to roll is reasonable given their history of pp failures and the fact that this team, talent wise, has the horses to compete for the cup right now. so far, the pp has been abysmal. its showing no signs of anything positive. its hurting us.

if this team continues to be in the bottom 1/4 % wise on the pp, then we cannot compete as we are just not dynamic enough 5on5. and if that happens and we fail to win, the coaching staff must pay the price.

special teams is key. period.
If you run the team the way you are proposing then you won't be able to achieve ant sort of continuity and also risk a good chance of ending up with a worse coach if you dismiss someone with a strong track record. If we miss the playoffs I agree we should be critical of Torts, but it is also important to understand that hockey is sometimes an unpredictable game and only so much blame can be placed on a coach.

In regards to our powerplay, it does need to improve. However, Boston has also shown that you can win a cup despite having a horrid powerplay. I think it will improve once Nash gets used to his teammates and they get used to him. We also need to realize we don't have a powerplay qb who can shoot the puck

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