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Originally Posted by Hatter View Post
We all know that. He made that exceptionally clear. What you are failing to answer is this simple question: WHICH hypothesized points are false? I checked his goal/point goals just now and those are true. He reportedly does want 5 million so that's true. I personally don't think that kids with one good year deserve that kind of cheese especially with only 18 goals so I can say IMHO that that is true as well. I checked duchenes numbers and those are true. We're the stats for the end of last season while they were in the hunt true or did he make those up?
O’Reilly is basing all his salary demands on one good year. He wants at least $5 million a year for one good year.
False, he has had three good years and one great year.

- You had your best scoring year playing with the NHL rookie of the year. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
He ignores the real possibility they fed off eachother.

Your camp may be ridiculing supposed friend and teammate Matt Duchene for taking a short-money contract and thereby setting a floor too low for your own self.
He has no idea if it's 100% accurate, O'Reilly said it, his agent or what happened. But to assume Ryan disrespected his teammate in Matt during contract negotiations? Shoddy journalism right there.

I'm not saying his statistics are wrong, but his points where he assumes this is what the Avs are saying, this is the situation, I know I know I have the inside info are pure speculation that any fan from HFBoards could write.

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