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02-13-2013, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
I agree we need more goals but he would be a upgrade for the 3rd line rw for now. Cant be much worse then what we re getting from lewis offensive wise. Yes i know hes not there for offense but something every now and then is needed from that 3rd line.

Frattin just hit the ir but i really think the time for us to get him has passed. Hes played his way on to leaf nations no trade list i think.
But wouldn't Frattin be an upgrade on the 3rd line as well?

I do think you are right though, we won't be getting Frattin, unless he cools off considerably. I also doubt Toronto is going to make a move for a goalie at all until Reimer cools off. I know he's on the IR for a week as well now, but he was posting a save percentage of like 930 before he went down, so you got to think Toronto will see if he can maintain that before going elsewhere.

Realistically, I think Bernier won't land in Toronto when all is said and done. DL MAY deal him within the conference, but I'd imagine an Easte Confrence team makes more sense. New Jersey will always be in the mix due to the age of their goalies, and with the way Washington is going they could be a target. I'm not sure what Buffalo is doing with Miller (or if they think Enroth is the future) and Florida has been burying Markstrom for a while when you'd think he'd up on the roster by now, so not sure if they are clinging to him as the future or not. All have their pros and cons.

I still think it'll be New Jersey where he goes, even though Broduer and Hedberg are there next season as well. New Jersey needs something and they don't have any starter claiber players in the system, nor do they really have the time to develop one, so getting an NHL ready player is ideal. I don't expect any deal to go down until the tarde deadline or the off-season personally (unless we get into real trouble and are pressured into a deal due to injuries, rick of missing the playoffs, etc.). As such I could see a deal involving Matteau for Bernier. Matteau is a DL/DS type guy for sure, and would bring some grit and offensive upside to the 3rd/4th line.

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