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Originally Posted by Antithesis View Post
Jeremy Wick hits as hard as any kid that size I've seen, but doesn't have the offense for more than a 4th line role in the NHL. He could, however step in right away to the NYR lineup and provide speed on the wing, although he does need to work on hitting just the other team, not his own, the refs, or the opposing goalie, all of which have been known to happen.
Not a big deal. I normally feel the same way about the refs as he does apparently. If they aren't wearing your color, go for it!

Where is the draft this year? I wanted to go last year but I couldn't get myself to go.

Also for all of the griping people do (not really anyone in this thread) about the Rangers taking too many "grinders" or not skilled players, they certainly have tried in the past few years it seems.

McIlrath - Big, tough, skilled defensively
Thomas - Skilled
Yogan - Big and skilled
Wilson - tough guy
Fasth - Skilled
McNaught - tough guy

Miller - Big and skilled
Fogarty - Big and skilled
St Croix - Skilled
McColagn - Skilled
Noreau - Big and tough
Ceresnak - Bleh

Skjei - Big and Skilled
Nieves - Big and Skilled
Andersson - Skilled
Spelling - Skilled

I would say they have been leaning towards skilled players for a while now.

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