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02-13-2013, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by BklyNBruiN View Post
I agree with you Pie. But how about in those close games, where we get a man advantage; it would be nice to have a PP unit that can do some damage. Specially in the playoffs.

As long as this team is coached by Julien I think we will always be a very good 5on5 and defensive/PK team.

I think the PP is still too important to just ignore. Tho again I do agree with you that we won the cup before without a good PP but I don't know if we can do it again.
hey BB. I actually forgot about this thread.

of course you want a serviceable PP to keep the other teams agitators somewhat honest, but my main beef with this issue guys. (ducks head). We are the fanbase of an original 6 squad, this site is a very good and knowledgeable fan site, so this absolute obsession with this issue is insane. Multiple threads, folks saying we should make this trade or that trade just to improve this PP? Are you kidding me?

This is a great open forum. Go ahead and analyze how to make the PP better in terms of tactics, etc. But don't obsess over it to the exclusion of more important things which lead to cups, such as 5 on 5 scoring, great PK, owning the 3rd period, solid between the pipes, etc. Make a trade just to improve the PP? no way, make trades for the right reasons. Seriously, how many 0fers on the PP combined with W's will it take before folks calm down about this?

Folks may not like it but the further we get away from the 05 lockout the further the league is starting to get away from "the new look NHL". Refs are once again swallowing the whistle (by and large) in the playoffs, so how will that proverbial trade rental help us there?

"But, but, we lost to the Caps last year". Bad matchup. end of story. We would have destroyed the Sens (good matchup) who we thought would be our 1st round foes until the last weekend. If we came across the eventual eastern finalist Devils we would have beaten them, good matchup. If we had played the rangers in 2011 in 1st round (it was a tossup between them and the habs until the last weekend) then no cup, bad matchup. Shyte happens. If your PP sux in the reg season and then it still sux against your 1st round opponent who bounces you then it wasn't a factor and not why you lost.

i'll stop now since i'm just rambling.

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