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02-13-2013, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
I`ve decided to make a list of best players by age group

1.Zemgus Girgensons
2.Roberts Lipsbergs
3.Teodors Blugers
4.Nikita Jevpalovs

1.Rihards Bukarts
2.Georgs Golovkovs

1.Haralds Egle
2.Rodrigo Abols
3.Davis Zembergs

Rudolfs Balcers (??)

1998: (??)
Edgars Treijs
I'd say Homjakovs is second among 1995. I mean sure this year he plays 1 level lower than Golovkovs and Bukarts but last year he was ore productive than Golovkovs in Liepāja and judging by recent 4 nations in Belarus, at least Homjakovs in one line with Bukarts looked really well (judging by numbers). Homjakovs without Bukarts in 2 games vs Belarus before the 4 nations (0+1), Homjakovs with Bukarts in first two games of 4 nations (2+4)...

But that's what I have also noticed and which is a good thing- anyone on the same line with Bukarts looks great (on a good day). If it was only one instance, it would be nothing, but even if we look at Siksnis and Begovs, Bukarts current partners in HK Riga... last year Siksnis had 1 goal in MHL and Begovs was your average guy in MHL B and didn't even play in MHL. They are 1993, so also not particulary good prospects (and could not crack U18 team before). This year they were introduced to HK Riga but weren't producing much until Bukarts was relegated from 1st line and put with those guys... and suddenly after Austria U20 tournament all three of these guys are among the leaders and Siksnis even managed to go to U20 championships (0+0 there though).

The thing is- did these both guys progressed from being basically nobodies to being 2nd line leaders of HK Riga in off season, and is Homjakovs really that good that in 3 games to collect 7 points vs Belarus, Norway and Denmark, or Bukarts really is a player who can impact those around him and make them play better??? If it's the 2nd case, he can be a very valuable player (though at the moment it only happens in 2nd rate game, maybe in U18 championships it will change)...

As concerns 1994, would switch Lipsbergs and Blugers places since NCAA is a better league and overall (and U20 proved) Blugers is more versatile and potentially more valuable player in future. Lipsbergs can score and I like him very much, but Blugers can do more than just score.

1996 - I agree, though Zembergs this season's feats do not look that promising. At the same time, the same can be said about Locāns and Vasiļonoks.... Rodrigo Ābols maybe even shows more promise than all of those guys as he's already very tall and could dominate. Though with young and tall players there is also a problem that when smaller guys become phisically stronger and grow up, the tall guys aren't that impressive anymore. Hope it's not the case with Ābols.

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