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02-13-2013, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Good post, but I think everybody who promotes the claiming of Kassian should be obligated to also suggest their favourite corresponding roster move.

I'm fine with claiming Kassian if it means trading/waiving Kaberle, for example. Because I feel like Kaberle is a goner anyway, and is redundant even for his depth defense role with Weber.

I still have enough hope for White and Weber that I wouldn't be fine with waiving one of them to make room.

I'd be fine with waiving Armstrong too, except I automatically discount that as even being a possibility, given his connection to Therrien.

The only other option is the temporary demotion of Gallagher. I'd be on the fence with that one. Maybe if I had a trade in the works that I *knew* would enable his recall, but which wasn't quite consummated yet, I could be ok with this. If it was just waiting for an injury and introducing the possibility of a recurring issue of trying to juggle for that last roster spot... then no.
you have 2 extra d-men. Weber and Kaberle. And every day of the week, Kaberle, while being... Kaberle, is less horrible than Weber. He's also not half the passer Kaberle is, and he is never playing.

I personally have absolutely 0 hope left for Weber. He's ran out of chances. It's time to move on and to try to get whatever you can get for him. Buy-out Kaberle in the summer after this.

Whenever Nokalainen comes back, waive him.

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