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02-13-2013, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by ult View Post
And you call that an official website? Okay... It is not.
I can't remember hundreds of sites I've visited throughout the day from the top of my head, so sorry for the mistake. That's surely not an official site, but it's the only source I could find. If you can provide a more reliable source, be my guest.

Now you're missing the point which is: if we take the number of seats of each price category, multiply it by the price of those tickets, sum it up and conclude an average ticket price we'll see that it is higher than in Riga
LOL. You're still not getting the point. Why are you mentioning Riga all the time? The tickets here are too cheap as well, relative to the budget the team has.

In Amur case that is 4 million dollars.

Which is not surprising because the average salary in Khabarovsk is 1,5 times higher than in Riga (GDP or not, you should really read more about it, it's not a measure of personal wealth).
GDP is not a measure of personal wealth, but there's a strong correlation between the GDP levels and personal wealth. So as long as we don't have any official data regarding the average salary in Riga or Khabarovsk, that's the only reliable piece of data we can currently use. In any case, as I already have repeatedly said, Riga IS NOT a suitable place to host an elite-level ice hockey team.

Once again, you haven't provided any sources, so all of your numbers are worthless.

That is the market. And that is 4 mln out of 15 already, in just a 7k seat arena, without TV, Merchandise and sponsor money. I'd say they have a bright future.
What 4 million? Also, the budget is 17 million, with most professional teams (in the NHL, for instance) earning the bulk of their income through ticket sales. Even if the 4 mln figure is correct, it's nowhere near being profitable.

Also, what TV, merchandise and sponsor money are you talking about?

Now I find it funny that you're trying to pretend to be "informed" and at the same time suggesting to get rid of Amur for whatever stupid reasons that came into your head. It's just nonsense. Oh man, you were this close (3 places in season standings) to naming Vityaz and having everyone agree with you.

Your other political blabbering is not even amusing. I don't think any of us, forumers, wanted to become a witnesses to your personal breakdown, those Russian Oligarchs... it must have been hard for you.
I genuinely don't understand what you're saying in the 2 paragraphs above.

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