Thread: Confirmed Trade with Link: [PIT/WPG] Eric Tangradi for a 7th round pick in 2013
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02-13-2013, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
Caputi 2.0.
Immediately thought of him myself. Might not be far off now.

Originally Posted by Beukeboom Fan View Post
Just seems like the Pens would have been the absolute BEST spot for ET. If he can't contribute on that team as a 3rd wheel on a scoring line, or as a good lunchpail type with the bottom 6 forwards they've got - not sure what chance he's got somewhere else.

Just from my perspective - the Pens have a HUGE need for his type of player. Their very smart GM & good coach both would have LOVED to have him be an effective player. He's been around for the better part of a couple of years, and he didn't show those guys enough to keep him around. In fact, he showed them so little that the team was willing to trade him for a lottery ticket that has about a 5% of turning into an NHL player. And while smart people make mistakes too, I think that if Shero felt like posters did here - he wouldn't have dealt him for a 7th rounder. Which means us non-Pen's poster have either a fanboy opinion vs. that of a paid professional. This deal is Shero basically stating that he doesn't think ET's ever going to be a legit NHL'er. I don't know what, beyond some apparently undeserved hype from 2-3 years ago would lead anyone else to think otherwise.
I agree with everything you've said, but that's just me. I think for the Penguins to trade him for a seventh they saw that he wasn't going to cut it and wanted to get rid of him and move forward. Shero and the rest of the staff isn't stupid and they see a lot more than we ever will. It's awful strange they'd move him for next to nothing if they thought he could still be something.

I thought Tangradi was a decent prospect when he was traded the first time but year after year I've felt less and less highly of him to the point where I'm surprised the Pens kept him for that long. IMO, he isn't a fit for the bottom-six and he's shown nothing in the top-six (or the bottom-six for that matter anyway) that he can give something to a team. It's a zero risk trade for the Jets and I commend them for giving it a shot because they have nothing to lose, but I have extreme doubts he'll ever make it as an NHL player. Wouldn't be surprised to eventually see him hit waivers next season and slowly get to the point where Caputi is now: on an AHL contract IIRC. Tangradi's chances are slim, just my opinion. He might be a late bloomer but by this age and after getting time in the NHL and a lot more in the AHL, he's not shown me nearly enough to convince me that he'll be anything in this league.

It's a whatever trade by both teams. Like I said, Pens were fine to take a seventh-round pick for him, so that should go to show what those who know him best think of him. Jets give up nothing to get him and take a chance that he makes something of himself. Neither team can really lose this deal.

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