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02-13-2013, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
The fact is, there is far more economic growth potential in Vladivostok then there is in Riga. Vladivostok is a major seaport, and the fact is that economic growth in the World is tilting toward the Asian-Pacific region. Growing hockey in the Far East is in the best interest of both the KHL and Russia. It is ridiculous to say that hockey in a vast region of Russia should be abandoned, especially when there is a very successful franchise there. It may be too long a flight from Riga, in which case Dinamo may decide that it is no longer feasible to maintain a KHL franchise. We would hate to see it go, but it has always been anticipated that some franchises would fall by the wayside.
Sorry, do you speak English? I love the fact that every single one of you is trying to have a go at the city of Riga or Dinamo Riga, when I have repeatedly said that Dinamo Riga is unsustainable as well.

Ladies, this is not about who lives in a bigger, wealthier city, it's about the economic management of KHL. If KHL wants to become a profitable enterprise with most of their teams being profitable or at least capable of breaking even without massive governmental assistance, the only rational step is to add already established teams from Europe from countries with a big hockey following.

The KHL has made several succesful decisions in this context, but if the KHL wants to move in the same direction and wants to become a financially self-sustainable league (in the long-term), it has to get rid of the smaller teams and teams, which are counter-productive in attaining that goal. Amur is one of them.

KHL has to transform from being a glorified Russian championship with some foreign teams thrown into the mix to actually becoming a "continental" league with as many European clubs as possible.

The market in Far East Russia is limited purely because of the small population size and economic capacity.

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