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02-13-2013, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
And just to clarify, I'm not trying to come off as some pretentious Rangers elitist. It's just that many of the band wagoners I come across aren't casual fans. They're venom spewing tyrants who love to start arguments and belittle other teams.
Had some guy at MSG tell me I was a bandwagon fan and "don't know anything about hockey" simply because I was wearing a Nash shirt at the game vs the Isles.

I was literally just walking in front of him and he started going off to his buddy about "i hate these bandwagon fans, we get a new player and now they're interested (then to me) hey buddy, bandwagon fans like you should just watch the game at a hooters or something"

Then he started to tell me I didn't know anything about hockey and I was a ****** because I started laughing. Little does he know I've played since I was 8, playing AAA travel my whole life, junior b and junior A and have recently graduated from college, where I played all 4 years. On top of my hockey experience, I have literally watched every single rangers game since I was a kid, dad has season tickets so I attend 20 games a year or so. I'm a tremendous die-hard fan.

All because I was wearing a Nash shirt. Just saying, don't be so quick to judge lol. At least let them show their ignorance before you label them a bandwagon fan.

Funniest part is he was probably a bandwagoner himself. I doubt he suffered through the dark years (which were basically my formative years as a fan).

Sorry for the long post lol (for the record I hate ignorant "fans" who only come around when we're winning)

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