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02-13-2013, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Yeah, don't know what to say about this.

I think the kid would have shown more character had he won the game, then told the coaches in a private meeting what he thought of them. Way too much "it's all about me" these days.
I agree but I do think it is funny because I'm on the outside. That is pretty disrespectful to the rest of the players (on both teams). I can guarantee you not EVERY player was cool with that even though he said he asked them beforehand. I'd have to imagine the other goalie on his team at the very least. The coaches showed him disrespect on senior night so he in turn disrespects the rest of the players on the ice with that act.

That seems to be the norm in society these days. People don't seem to know how to deal with tough breaks in life and instead of having respect for his teammates and even the guys on the other side of the ice, he has a tempertantrum like a child. I guess he still is a child so hopefully that will be a moment he reflects back on later in life and is embarrassed. I know we all of them.

I officially feel old now.

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