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02-13-2013, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by ult View Post
Already did, pay attention next time.
No, you didn't. There are no sources in your previous posts, or the links you've posted are without sourced material themselves.

Because both teams are among the most expensive places to watch hockey in Eurasia.
No, they're not. Try Sweden, Switzerland, Finland.

Seriously? The source for ticket prices and the number of seats in each category are all in your head?

Then I guess you're trying to say that the only place suitable is USA with their inflated prices?
Inflated prices? What are you talking about? Tickets should be the main source of income for any team. So the total earnings from ticket sales should make roughly a half or slightly less of the total expenses of the respective team.

There are plenty of places in Europe that would be suitable. But that's the thing, we aren't talking about Russia here.

Anyway, here is the official data about salaries in Khabarovsk.
That figure isn't very helpful, because there's no data regarding the distribution of salaries/economic inequality. A very high-earning upper class seriously skews up the results. Any sources from an actual statistics department or something of that sort?

If the figure is correct and there's no enormous income disparity, it's still nowhere near to fund the current team budget. The arena capacity should be increased by at least 100% for the team not to be considered a black hole for any real investments.

So you want me to post tens and tens of links in a single post? I think I'm wasting enough time on you already as it is.
I think having just 1 source per every claim made is pretty fair.

LOL at having the nerve to correct the budget figure.

Source for the budget pls! Now that is actually the closed information, compared to info about average salaries, ticket prices and attendances. So take your time.
There are various claims regarding the size of Amur's budget. For instance, here the budget is reported to be much higher than both your and my claim.

If you don't know what the merchandise or advertising is - look it up in dictionary.
I think that's the only place where the managers of Amur are seeing these words.

If you disagree, how much have they earned by selling merchandise or tv rights? Any sources to back you up? I bet there aren't.

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