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02-13-2013, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by tigermask48 View Post
I wouldn't be so quick to judge the kid. It's Minnesota High School Hockey. There is almost for sure some sort of politics involved and more to the story than has gotten out. I went through the MHSH years ago and even then it was more about who you knew and what your family was willing to do, like having the coaches over for dinner, or transfering to a different school to get playing time. It's even worse now than it was then. There was a story about 3 years ago in city I live in where a kid was legally adopted by an assistant coach at a high school so the kid could transfer schools and avoid sitting out 1 full season after transfering schools within city limits... A rule that was put into effect because a guy I grew up with switched schools twice in 4 years just to play for the better team...
I'm sorry but that doesn't matter one bit. That is just an excuse. What you described might not be fair but neither is life. You either sign up and play or you don't. If you commit to something then you should honor your commitment. If you feel you've been wronged, you finish out as best you can and move on. What he did was completely selfish no matter what kind of justification he feels he has.

I still find it humorous but I guarantee you there are plenty of people that were there that don't.

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