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02-13-2013, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Namejs View Post
Ladies, this is not about who lives in a bigger, wealthier city, it's about the economic management of KHL. If KHL wants to become a profitable enterprise with most of their teams being profitable or at least capable of breaking even without massive governmental assistance, the only rational step is to add already established teams from Europe from countries with a big hockey following.
Yes because it is that simple, KHL should hire this guy

Originally Posted by Namejs View Post
The KHL has made several succesful decisions in this context, but if the KHL wants to move in the same direction and wants to become a financially self-sustainable league (in the long-term), it has to get rid of the smaller teams and teams, which are counter-productive in attaining that goal. Amur is one of them.
How is Amur counter-productive? Please can you explain this to me? In the past five years the Economy of Khabarovsk has doubled. The goal should be to establish teams in regions that have hockey interest, as the Russian economy continues to grow less and less assistance will be required as simple free market will take over, sponsorship from the government will continue for years if you want to maintain a good level of hockey and have decent players in the competition. This is not something that can be achieved in a couple of years but it is the only way, looking at the fundamentals and changes in the Russian economy it should continue to grow at a good rate for the next 20 years.

Originally Posted by Namejs View Post
KHL has to transform from being a glorified Russian championship with some foreign teams thrown into the mix to actually becoming a "continental" league with as many European clubs as possible.
Which is what they are working on, You do understand in the perfect world it would be simple to attain this but realistically it will take years, it is not like the KHL can simply go to a European Country which has a big Hockey following and bring them to the KHL. They face many barriers.

Originally Posted by Namejs View Post
The market in Far East Russia is limited purely because of the small population size and economic capacity.
Russian Far East is around 7 million people. So are you saying far east places, lets say Sakhalin where I was last week with a population of around half a million and and enormous economy while having a GDP Per Capita (PPP) higher than the likes of Canada, Germany etc (You are the one obsessing about GDP Per Capita - Figures from the IMF) shows that the Far East has limited economic capacity?

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