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Originally Posted by jimmythescot View Post
There's some teams that I find to be annoying, like the Rapid Clapping that Rapid Vienna do (did? been a while). Just clapping for AGES. Like entire games of constant clapping. It's insane.

But for my team we just usually chant when something has happened like a corner, a good save, good bit of play. Either about the player or the opponent or the team. To be honest, I don't listen to other team's chants, but many of our ones have a bit of humour to them.

I'd say it's no worse than that stupid goalie name thing a lot of people do over there. It irritates me so much. It's something you'd expect of a five year old, but you see grown men doing it all the time. How is their own name going to possibly bother anyone!?!?!

EDIT: And Smokey: Get a haircut hippie!
I'm from NZ and I can say that I'm not alone in saying that this part of the world loves a packed house singing flower of Scotland and can't stand a packed house singing Swing low sweet chariot.

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