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Originally Posted by Zaffy View Post
Yeah, he was no good at hockey.

From wikipedia:
The 'records' you quote start to become fairly subjective , and many are 'shared' .

There is nothing wrong with that but that list tries to milk every single possible way the guy holds any kind of record at all.

Is he the tallest guy to ever get 80 goals ? Im certain Gretzky and Hull were both shorter. That should be in the NHL books too !!!!

Records that I think are legit sound records

- 6 points in an NHL all star game.

- the 13 short handed goals in a year is incredible.

- I think the scoring a goal even , short, pp, empty net and penalty shot should be an NHL record.

I doubt someone matches it but someone could even score 5 on 3 , then 3 on 5 to break it.

Oh yes, dont forget then a SHOOT OUT goal.

Many of the others he shares or need heavy spin to call it a record.

I mean, 'most goals assisted or scored as a percentage of the teams goals 57% wtf? I guess other players needed their team mates to score LESS so he could pad their totals to beat marios record.

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