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02-13-2013, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by LeftCoast View Post
I've been a pretty staunch supporter of Raymond all along. I said when he returned last year that I didn't have high expectations for him because I didn't think he would have the strength to contest pucks or get into the dangerous scoring positions.

This morning Jason Botchford was jumping on the Mason Raymond bandwagon after Ferarro openly praised him. Only a couple weeks ago Botch went on for 10 minutes or more about "cut down Raymond" - making a petty and nasty point about his cut down arbitration. That was the morning when Mike Gillis came on and was very prickly and called Rintoule and Botch "disaffected". I sent the show a text this morning asking for Botch to tell us more about "cut down Raymond". They chose not to read my text.

When I see a player with obvious skill, who has some gaps in his game, but has a great work ethic and plays very solid defensively, I'm likely to believe he will come around. Raymond's problems the last 2 years have been injury related. Last year it was recovery from back surgery, the previous year he was playing through an injured shoulder and broken hand. These injuries - not a lack of courage - made him a peripheral player. You could see all along that he was trying to work the boards, and trying to get to the slot, but was physically unable to do so. So many other laughed and scorned when he fell down - to me, falling down a lot was a symptom of trying to do things that his body was not able to do.

A full summer + extended off season to recover had made a world of difference for Raymond.
Our media are a real bunch of hacks. Well said though - he's never been one to shy away from the corners or grind it out along the wall, plus he works hard out there but injuries and a lack of strength hindered him over the past few years so it's great to see he's recovered some of that strength back. It's easy to laugh at him falling but the guy pretty much has to wear that back brace for the rest of his career, if not life. **** Boychuk.

Originally Posted by Proto View Post
To me it was clear they were going with Ebbett no matter what happened, and someone in the org got in Kuzma's ear to put that out there early. I think that sort of working the media is pretty common in Vancouver.
Or maybe it had more to do with Kuzma just not knowing anything about them on the Wolves?

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