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Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
In his 1995-96 and 2000-01 Stats - close to 50% of his total Goals and Assists came from the POWERPLAY - not that impressive when you look at the whole picture.
Yes, Mario Lemieux scored a significant amount of his points on the powerplay. Considering he is very likely the best powerplay player of all time, and definitely ahead of Gretzky in this regard, I would say that it is in fact quite impressive that he scored as much at even strength.

Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
If you look in the top ES Goal Scoring Seasons - Lemieux is not even in the top 10.

In fact he has only led the league ONCE in ES GOALS!
Yes, and if Lemieux was only an even strength sniper this would be an issue. Luckily for him, he was also an incredible passer and as you already noted, deadly on the powerplay. Additionally, this does not account for the amount of games Lemieux missed when he was head and shoulders above every other player in hockey.

Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
Also All his His International stats are average (except for the 87' playing with Gretzky and the ref's)
Even though international stats are largely irrelevant for players who mainly plied their trade in the NHL, and thus missed out on most international hockey, let's take a look.

1983 World Juniors - 10 points as a 17 year old, second on his team. Average.

1985 World Championships - 10 points in 9 games as a 19 year old. Average.

1987 Canada Cup - 18 points in 9 games as a 22 year old. Played with Gretzky and also refs throwing the puck in the net for him, so average.

2002 Olympics - 6 points in 5 games as a 36 year old who has fought various cereer threatening injuries. Average.

2004 World Cup - 5 points in 6 games as a 38 year old. Average.

Being a dominant player in international hockey, with incredibly impressive point totals, despite never playing a game of international hockey during his prime - average.

Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
No need. Your conclusions based on the available information are ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
Pick him back up and go learn about hockey.

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