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02-13-2013, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfanz View Post
So he can take full credit for the plethora of JFJ talent playing on the Leafs and elsewhere because he was smart enough to re-sign them or trade them for better value...but the obnoxious jerk who happened to be his college room mate, one of his closest freinds and his "number one star" was extended and kept on far too long...cannot be attributed to Burke.

Furthermore, yes this is Burkes team but by the time the team is any good (if that ever happens and its certainly not there after 13 freaking games) it will be as much Burke's team as his team was JFJ's.....Such a dumb argument...thank you Burke for the great team that brought us an 8-5 start when last year Leafs started did that end up?

At least wait until "Burkes team" proves something before thanking the fraud.
Way to go off for no apparent reason.

I will repeat again, for the hundredth time. Giving Burke credit for what he's done doesn't mean you can't give credit to JFJ for what he did.
Saying that Burke did some good does not mean you agree with everything he did.
Saying that this is largely still Burke body of work does not mean you think this team is Stanley Cup bound.

Any other arguments you'd like to throw out that I'm not making?

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