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02-13-2013, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
You're not getting it. It's you that is unable to use logic by believing that your opinion is fact. Not only that, you feel the only way to rationalize the fact that the professionals believe otherwise, is by claiming conspiracy or ignorance. How is that logical?
Well, it's like I said, they either think he's a dman that should play 18 min a night on the 3rd pairing with no PK time, or they are trying to teach him something.

You are using the word conspiracy... your exaggeration is quite ridiculous and annoying.

Ok so maybe you should try to understand why that happened? I won't pretend to know for a fact, but I'll speculate that he was being punished for an absolutely horrible defensive play that broke our shutout, following it up with questionable stick work in allowing a pass to get through to hedman(although in the air) to put the game within a goal. Apart from that, he was probably on pace to 21+ minutes again.
Well that's ridiculous. He contributes directly to all 3 of our goals, make one mistake and he gets benched? Would lend credence to the theory that they are trying to teach him something.

And the Hedman thing wasn't a mistake.... are you joking? Saying that kind of discredits anything you have to say. It's like you're looking to find something wrong with Subban really.

Do you think it at all possible that you may be overreacting a bit to this "lack of icetime/lowball offer"?

I have no real problem with Diaz being out there in either case, he's been great this year.
He's been ok leeching off of Markov's hot start on the PP but he's not my first option for last minute of a game where we lead by 1.

Well then maybe I overrate your ability to follow a conversation? Because the only real arguments I've made in this thread are that Markov is clearly a better dman than Subban, and that Subban is not one of the elite young dmen in the league.
But Subban is indeed one of the elite young dmen in the league. He's really really good.

Maybe you should take a breathe and apologize for some of the inflammatory remarks you've made towards me since it appears that you actually agree with me?
Oh c'mon, I barely said anything grow a thicker skin.

Or do you really think PK is an elite young defenseman in the NHL? Because to be considered better or even at par with Markov, you'd bet your ass he'd be considered "elite" in this league.
I feel you're grossly exaggerating the difference between the two. Markov used to be top 10 overall IMO, but not anymore. His ability to run a PP remains unchanged but other sides of his game have declined.

Also yes I think PK is an elite young defenseman in the NHL part of a very very small group of dman under 25 capable of logging #1 minutes and playing in any situation. The current coaching staff is not using him that way but he was used that way last year and showed he could do it. I don't know how you don't see that.

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