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02-13-2013, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by sheed36 View Post
They just had a poll in the 1st int of the Sens/Pens game asking Ward, Pang and McKenzie which team ROR would probably be dealt to in the East.. The choices were Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and NYR.. I can't remember where each guy said ROR would go but none picked the Habs.

Edit.. Just saw a post on the mainboard where each guy thinks ROR might be dealt.

Aaron Ward picked NYR
Darren Pang picked TOR
Bob McKenzie picked OTT
My thought is that the Subban holdout plus the Habs' lack of cap space makes Montreal extremely unlikely to pursue ROR. I mean, Colorado is pretty much exactly where we feared we'd be a couple of weeks ago, right, a GM refusing to give a big second contract, regardless of the player's talent? I'd be (pleasantly) shocked if Bergevin moved assets for ROR and then offered him enough to get him signed.

Ottawa's an interesting pick, I could see them getting it done.

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