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Originally Posted by nittyfreak31 View Post
Im a new ice hockey player, and i need to get a new stick. The one i use now is wooden and i want a composite one for the up-coming season. I wanted to now what kind of stick you guys would recomend. Is their any brand thats better than another? And also, how big of a curve should there be on it?
Well first off, with the stick/shaft you may want to give the Louisville TPS Tricore a shot. The inside is kevlar and graphite but its wrapped in a real thin wood (hence the name tricore). I like it a lot, and that may make the transition easy. Also, grab a radius cornered stick/shaft if possible, you may like that too.

What kind of shot do you have? For me I have trouble getting my slapshots up high enough so I go with either a Lidstrom or Lecavalier curve (I think the Pronger RBK is similar too). If you have no probs getting your shots up you may want to stay away from the real open-faced curves. You may want to buy a few cheapo blades to determine which curve you like - or maybe borrow a buddies stick.

In any event, you might really want to consider using a shaft as opposed to a one-peice and the like. With a shaft you can experiment with different patterns until you find one that works for you. As far as brands go, well I guess thats just a matter of opinion. I like my TPS, but I mainly use Branches (which are damn near impossible to find now). You almost can't go wrong with some sort of Easton though. Like SC said though Montreal makes a pretty mean one too.

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