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02-13-2013, 08:05 PM
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It isn't like we haven't seen this play out before in Buffalo. As a long time fan, it's just another cycle. We miss the playoffs for a few years, barely get in in a few years.....we completely suck for 20 straight games in a season, then can't do anything wrong for a while. Sure, I think that at times, the product on the ice looks a little stale, like right now. But the blame doesn't fall on just one part of the organization. The players, the coaches, the GM office...heck, you can even throw the ownership in there if you want. They all play a part in the breakdown.

The question is, how do you change the culture of all this repetition? The easiest way is to fire the coaching staff, that brings an instant change to a team. Changing the GM doesn't change much "right now", only over the long term as trades, signings and the drafts transform the team. Ownership isn't going anywhere, and you certainly can't change the roster overnight.

So if Pegula is serious about his 3 year plan, he doesn't have much choice right now than to pull Regier in his office in the AM and telling him to "walk down the hall and fire your friend or you can kiss that 4 year extension goodbye"

Lindy will re-surface, he will get up the next day, he will be offered another job somewhere, their is little doubt. But the culture needs to change right now....

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