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02-13-2013, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Disclose View Post
yeah seriously, the guy editing/cutting this show did a terrible job not hiding the spoilers.
i noticed the two missing when they were in the van and during the commercial the blonde chick wasnt there anymore (not even the asian. where at least they did mention she was pissed for not getting the immunity, so didnt wanna show up).
With the van there was clearly another van behind them when they were driving so I thought maybe LV and Allison were just in that van with the camera people but with the commercial it was obvious Skylar would go next.

Also I am wondering if the notebook thing is something they have added after so that Chase can say what he was feeling at the time but wasn't willing to tell the producers. Its just seems very weird that he would suddenly shut himself off and then write all his inner thoughts he wants to keep to himself in clear view of so many cameras. Especially when all they would have to do is send some guy in to read his notebook when they were doing a challenge or something if they couldn't read it.

Edit: don't get me wrong though, I am still enjoying the show, just some odd decisions being made

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