Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jets Acquire Tangradi From Penguins
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02-13-2013, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Duke49 View Post
I'm not saying Chevy is a bad GM, but he really hasn't done a lot and really improved this team outside of drafting(which is what could show why he can do down the road). Wrifht is not a dam good pick up. Peverly was a dam good pick up. Wright was a solid pick up. If we want to compare what Chevy has done to someone, compare him to what Dudley did I'm his ONE year. Dudley did more to change the team in one offseason then Chevy has done in two years. And it was good changes. He's the reason we have Buff and Ladd.

But it's almost like he's afraid to make a bad move. That or he just wants to wait till his draft picks star to make an impact. Chevy has been extremely passive since taking over.

Honestly, I liked Dudley (he used to be a Jet too ) and I'm sure he's had a big behind-the-scenes role with the Habs in their turn around (vs last season)

That said, Chevy is a very different type of GM, and from a long term perspective, I think he's got the right attitude. If you look at what he's doing overall, its small time "present patchwork" (we need bigger players!) though no one of significance...but he's slowly gaining more and more draft picks. Look at the Poni deal, Oduya deal, this deal; effectively replaced Poni with a younger arguably similar player who will have an arguably similar effect, yet we've gained more draft picks

Both Chevy pre-TNSE and TNSE pre-NHL were very successful in the AHL, and both were able to find some real gems that went on to become significant NHL players (that were otherwise overlooked or not considered for a variety of reasons)

I think for the long term, Chevy has the right idea. Its nothing special yet.

But give it a few years.

Besides, worst case scenario is that this makes us even worse and we get some high round draft pick this year

I just feel with the Jets, there's a lot of patience going to be needed. This team is going to be something special in several years.

A lot of these picks that don't amount to much could certainly be "obtained" overtime and traded down the line for something of impact. The more "right" draft picks obtained, the higher chance of something worthy. One never knows who the next Alexander Burrows will be.

I think the core team is something Chevy wants to keep so they grow together (Ladd, Kane, Burmy, Little, Bogo, Wheeler, Buff, etc), and to really get some impact players otherwise, we'd need to give up some significant players that I don't think he wants to give up.

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