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02-13-2013, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
I understand what your saying, but doing that increase the risk of it all blowing up in your face and not being bad enough to draft really high and not being good enough to get into the playoffs.
I don't care if we don't fall into a top five spot man. If we're trading vets for picks and prospects that's good enough. If the team manages to snag 8th that's fine. It's not about trying to lose...
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
What you don't seem to get that going for the playoffs doesn't prevent you from making your team better in the long run as well.
If we make the playoffs... great. Shows that we're on the right track with our kids. At least we're dealing assets away and brigning in prospects at the same time.
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
So long as you are not giving up good youth/picks when getting guys like Kaberle then it doesn't put us further from the cup. How does keeping Spacek get us closer to the cup? You woudn't want us to spend the cap space anyways since that would increase the odds of us not ending up in the basement again. In fact if we can get any kind of a pick for Kaberle then it helps us long term. Kaberle will be gone this summer so he won't handicap us for our future window.
It doesn't. Keeping Spacek doesn't help at all, he should be traded... for picks! Not for Thomas freaking Kaberle!

Trading for Kaberle does absolutely nothing but perpetuate medicority. If you aren't a contender and you're going to deal away assets you do it for future value not for MORE mediocre over the hill players esp when they have dumb contracts. Even if Kaberle had worked out and got us to 8th... it just puts us further away from the cup because now we're stuck with this guy when we could've used our assets to trade for picks.

Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Maybe this will help explain it better, getting the prospect doesn't get you closer to the cup, it gets you a small chance to get closer to the cup. And there are negatives with trading the vet such as hurting the development of prospects which is why it's risky.

I have no problems with taking one step back to take two step forwards. But that's not reality, it's take one step back for a chance to take two steps forward. The % chance depends on how good of a pick/prospect you get in return. A late 1st gives you a small chance, a top pick gives a very good chance.
And we've already told you it's a calculated risk. Not all the picks/prospects will work out but some will.

And you're dealing away players you weren't going to win with anyway. You seem to think we're missing out on something if we deal away vets who won't win cups with us. We aren't. We are working towards building a cup for the future.
Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
this is 2013 not 2011, the debate about Kaberle's value is over. He's untradeable.
I think you're right. We got stuck with the Queen of Spades.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
E. Staal
J. Thornton
M. Koivu

If we are lucky, Galchenyuk will be an equal among equals within that list, i.e. he will be a top 20 center.

Having a top 20 center in a 30 team league does not make you a contender.

It is a good start, but it is not enough.
That's right. Fortunately we've got Price and Subban which makes me optimistic but if Galchneyuk doesn't become the player we hope he will be then we're back to square one. That's why we should be stacking the deck...
Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
from Backstrom's wikipedia page, information that took all of 15 seconds to dig up...

"He won the World Championship when he represented Sweden in the 2006 World Championship. As of that tournament he is the youngest Swedish player ever in an Ice Hockey World Championship tournament. Bäckström played the last four games in the WC (roster spot held open for Daniel Alfredsson) and was directly appointed to the first line together with idols Henrik Zetterberg and Johan Franzén."

i swear, if people just took 15 seconds to either think, or actually look something up, before posting, we would all be saved by idiotic statements like the one above.
Or you could put those users on ignore and save yourself the trouble.

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