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02-13-2013, 09:02 PM
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brutal for the kid. out minimum 6 months, possibly up to 12 or more.

i completely tore my left achilles (2-3 inch separation). 6 months before the doctor cleared me to do anything beyond walking. 'anything' was an activity that he deemed as explosive in nature. any activity that involved a sudden start - stop motion. when i asked about skating he was mortified, due to the nature of the skating motion.

his downtime may be shorter if it isn't completely torn and separated. from what i saw in the video clips its higher up the back of the leg, above the skate boot. there is more to work with to repair the tendon, than if its lower around the heel. it's going to depend on the severity of the cut into the tendon.

his healing will be faster also. younger, stronger, more access to rehab and cutting edge methods i am sure.

going to take him some time to return to where he was yesterday. the loss of strength is amazing. tore mine sept '11, surgery was nov '11 - it still isn't 100%. then again im not a pro athlete in great shape and in my 20s

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