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02-13-2013, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
guess reading comprehension...

I'll help you out though. DAC"lucky"hampion said I didnt think Backstrom, I asked for him to provide a link where I said that... wich he failed to do - just like you did, at least - contrary to you, he had the intelligence not to say anything...

wow... i mean this is bordering on delusional commentary...

my bad teacher, how could i have been so stupid as to not understand that when someone says this about a player:

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI
never won anything, never shown any desire to win something, never will...

they actually think the player they are talking about is really good.

i mean, i don't think I could make up this crap even if I tried.

or maybe it all makes some sort of twisted sense.

Good players = guys who never win anything & never show any desire
Bad players = guys who win a lot and show tons of desire (also the types who get drafted high)

therefore not worrying about acquiring any elite prospects with winning & desire in their background, instead focusing on guys who won something once and now make a ton of money (gomez/gionta/kaberle come to mind) and keeping them at all cost, IS the path to success.

i get it now, thanks for educating me

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