Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jets Acquire Tangradi From Penguins
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02-13-2013, 09:32 PM
peter sullivan
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Originally Posted by roccerfeller View Post
Both Chevy pre-TNSE and TNSE pre-NHL were very successful in the AHL, and both were able to find some real gems that went on to become significant NHL players (that were otherwise overlooked or not considered for a variety of reasons)

I think for the long term, Chevy has the right idea. Its nothing special yet.

But give it a few years.

Besides, worst case scenario is that this makes us even worse and we get some high round draft pick this year

I just feel with the Jets, there's a lot of patience going to be needed. This team is going to be something special in several years.
For me, the jury is still out on Chevy.....Scheif could as easily turn out to be a career AHL player as a top 6 in my opinion......most of his moves have failed...Fehr, Mietennen, Poni were all duds, wright, peluso and clitsome are non factors.....I like jokinen but he hasnt found his stride yet (i realize its early)......montoya scares me.

has he added a single piece to the puzzle yet?.....i understand that some patience is needed, but he hasnt done anything to actually gain my confidence.....He hasnt made the team better in any real way.

hopefully his legacy will be an amazing draft guy.....maybe scheifele gets stronger on his skates and becomes a star.....but in my opinion, its way too early to say "This team is going to be something special in several years."

there is very little evidence to support that.

man, can someone re-size that picture...

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